You can have a meaningful life . . . in three minutes a day.

  • Are you busy all the time but feel like you’re “spinning your wheels?”
  • Do your days and weeks slip by without any important accomplishments?
  • Do you set big goals but somehow there’s never enough time to start?

It’s time to change that . . . in three minutes a day.


How does this work?

You’re probably thinking, “how is only three minutes a day going to matter?”

Because three minutes a day is all the time it takes to see if you’re on track. This approach has been used by a variety of people from Jerry Seinfeld to Seth Godin. And in my own life it’s the most effective process I’ve ever seen.

It’s helped me climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, travel to remote areas of Afghanistan and Ecuador, and earn a commercial pilot’s license. It even helped me skydive from 30,000 feet.

Here’s what some of my clients had to say:

Kurt has a unique blend of intelligence, wit and humor and is genuinely interested in helping me gain discipline over my business and life. His approach has helped me begin overcoming bad habits I’ve formed (not planning, not picking up the phone, balance in my personal and business life etc.). He is empathetic and relates to what I’m saying and guides me to find answers vs. hearing what he wants and telling me what to do.

I’ve had other business coaches that were ultimately powering through our session time but, Kurt takes the time to work with me as things sink-in, and has been there throughout the week i.e. with a quick text message, to reinforce my personal and professional goals. I’ll be using Kurt long-term because although I’ve picked up bad habits, his approach helps make it personally satisfying when I’m on the right track in changing those into good habits, more revenue and a more full life.

Jerry H.


I am a small business owner and have a wide variety of responsibilities to deal with daily. Kurt helped me get everything out of my head and put in writing and I ended up sleeping so much better from day-one of working with him.  Kurt not only followed up daily and weekly, but also had many helpful suggestions that made things much easier for me.  The coaching was a huge benefit for me with my business, but can also be for any sort of personal goal – fitness, organizing, simplifying, etc.  Kurt’s skills and insights and tools he offers can help anyone with any goal.  He did more than he even promised and is willing to communicate as often or little as you want.  It is really customized for you, so you can get out of it what you want.

Sheri B.


If this is such a valuable technique then why don’t more people use it?  The simple answer is it’s hard to do by yourself. Life gets in the way. But working together with me, you won’t get off track. In only one month you’ll be well on your way towards any goal you want.


You’ll get lots more than three minutes a day

What makes the process so valuable is more than daily accountability. In 30 days we’ll do all the following:

  • First we’ll talk about what you want and where you are now. Most worthwhile goals take longer than 30 days to accomplish so we’ll build a strong foundation to get headed in the right direction. Your goals can can be related to fitness, relationships, finances, or any other area. It’s your choice.
  • Then we’ll set up a series of benchmarks to see if you’re on track.
  • Everyday we’ll check in to see how your doing. Either by text, email, or shared documents.
  • Once a week we’ll look a the past week and the week ahead to see what’s working and what could be improved.
  • Before you know it, the 30 days will be up and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished!


Why should anyone use an accountability coach?

Everyone wants to live a meaningful life. We want to create something we’re proud of. Spend our time on what matters to us. Leave a legacy. But sometimes we get a little lost and spend time on the superficial. We put off essential tasks because we have doubts. Sometimes we get tired and it’s just easier to drift.

How can you make your days meaningful and spend your time in a way that adds up to a meaningful life?

I can help you do that. During the next month, do you have three minutes a day? Three minutes a day to accomplish more than you thought possible.

Want to find out more? Just put your info in the form below. I’ll get right back to you and answer all your questions. An easy and fun conversation  . . . at no cost or obligation to you.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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