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I love boredom

I love boredom. I don’t mean that I sit around watching the same informercial more than once. “Here comes the best part! Three easy payments!” Not that kind of boredom. The kind of boredom I love is when I try something that’s difficult, scary, or risky. Then I add systems, routines, and habits to make […]

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Five lessons from skydiving. They apply to the rest of life too.

A couple of weeks ago I took an instructor’s course for skydiving and now I officially have a Coach Rating. That rating allows me to teach some ground school and also jump with student skydivers who have been cleared for solo jumps but aren’t yet licensed skydivers. For part of my training, I had to […]

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Travel lessons from a trip to Haiti

  During 11 days in February I took 9 different flights to visit Haiti, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and back to San Diego. I slept on the floor at the airport, at my sister’s, at a Best Western in Port Au Prince, and a Motel 6. What kind of messed up itinerary is that? […]

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Skydiving for charity

Recently I wrote about how sometimes in life we can pick activities that combine adventure and service. Or other times we do something adventurous that has nothing to do with charity or service. And some acts of service aren’t really adventurous at all. I usually think of skydiving as adventurous but without any value other […]

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Most skydives in 24 hours

How many skydives can someone make in 24 hours? 50? 100? How about 640. Jay Stokes set the record of 640 jumps on Septebmer 8-9, 2006. That’s one jump every 2 minutes, 15 seconds. A little back ground first. Jay is retired from the US Army where he served over 20 years as a member […]

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