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3 life lessons from riding the Moscow subway

Moscow, Russia – June 2012 Russia is famous for vodka, Red Square, and the Cyrillic alphabet.   Cyrillic what? According to my thorough research, two brothers born in 9th century, Cyril and Methodius, or maybe their religious followers, decided the Greek alphabet wasn’t confusing enough.  They modified it so centuries later Westerners like me would […]

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More amazing than imagined

Have you ever started on a project and then discovered something even more amazing than you ever imagined?  Something you had no idea was even possible? Last summer I read how Joel organized 40+ people to jump out of a plane at WDS.  That inspired me to take skydiving lessons, which I started in July 2011.  […]

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Don’t leave home without this

Don’t leave home without what?  You’re probably thinking . . . passport, ATM card, toothbrush? A Map Well those are all good but one item I like more than any other? A map. And not just a map to keep me from getting lost. But I take a two-sided, laminated, map of the entire world. […]

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When life doesn’t work out as planned

  I am supposed to go to Russia next week to climb Mt. Elbrus.  At over 18,000 feet, it’s the highest mountain in Europe.  Everything is planned.  Russian visa, hotel, climbing company in Russia, extra day or two to see the sites in Moscow, transportation, equipment.  Everything. But a few days ago I injured my […]

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