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I love boredom

I love boredom. I don’t mean that I sit around watching the same informercial more than once. “Here comes the best part! Three easy payments!” Not that kind of boredom. The kind of boredom I love is when I try something that’s difficult, scary, or risky. Then I add systems, routines, and habits to make […]

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Go ahead and go

    Don’t have enough time to travel? Go ahead and go anyway. A short trip is better than none at all. The same advice applies to lots of other parts of life. Whenever you find yourself thinking you don’t have enough money, time, experience, connections or whatever? Go ahead and do what you can […]

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Travel lessons from a trip to Haiti

  During 11 days in February I took 9 different flights to visit Haiti, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and back to San Diego. I slept on the floor at the airport, at my sister’s, at a Best Western in Port Au Prince, and a Motel 6. What kind of messed up itinerary is that? […]

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Inspiration from baseball, travel, and music

I like stories about people who live unique lives that are filled with hope, hardship, success and setbacks. Here’s a few books and movies I’ve come across recently .   Battered Bastards of Baseball, Netflix documentary This documentary is the story of Bing Russell, who started a minor league baseball team in Portland, Oregon during […]

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Hold your breath for a long life

Earlier this year on a trip to Panama, I talked with some other travelers who were taking a free diving course. What I learned was that free diving is just like scuba diving except for one small detail. You don’t dive with an air tank and the only air you have is what’s in your […]

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