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When to buy airline tickets and not use miles

Travel is great and it’s even better when you can save money. Recently I booked a roundtrip ticket to Sydney, Australia using 80,000 United Airline miles. Sometimes though, I’d rather buy an airline ticket with my trusty credit card even if I have miles available. Why is that you ask? Because the value of each […]

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Who’s in charge of your brain?

Todd Henry has an great idea in his book called The Accidental Creative. In Chapter 7, “Stiumuli: What Goes In Must Come Out,” he discusses how we’re bombarded everyday with all kinds of stimuli from ads, music, conversations, television, and the Internet. Well, what wrong with that?   The problem The problem with all that […]

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Want a meaningful life?

Everyone wants a meaningful life. So how do we do that? It’s simple. All we have to do is spend our days doing what we find meaningful. Day after day of meaningful activity adds up over the months, years, and eventually into a meaningful life. If that sounds too simple, keep a couple of things […]

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Travel is easy

  Today I’m riding a bus from Latvia to Estonia. When I crossed the border, T-Mobile sent me a text. The message said that in Estonia I will have free texts, free data roaming and phone calls are only $.20 a minute. First of all, I’m always amazed about simple things. My phone knows I just […]

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“life-changing magic?”

How many socks do you have? Why do people think so much about their possessions? Minimalists are as bad the designer shoes-shirts-jeans crowd. They both obsess. The designers want a lot of impressive stuff and the minimalists want a little as possible. “Look at me, I only have one spoon!” Good grief. Minimalists know the […]

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