Travel is easy


At the Riga, Latvia bus station, waiting to go to Estonia


Today I’m riding a bus from Latvia to Estonia. When I crossed the border, T-Mobile sent me a text. The message said that in Estonia I will have free texts, free data roaming and phone calls are only $.20 a minute.

First of all, I’m always amazed about simple things. My phone knows I just crossed the border. How about that? And T-Mobile lets me know the terms of my phone plan in Estonia? Life is good 🙂

Also, free texts and data are a great deal. It wasn’t long ago, international texts were $.50 a piece, phone calls might be several dollars per minute, and data roaming was so expensive I always turned it off.

T-Mobile now has this reduced rate plan for over 120 countries. Pretty amazing.


I don’t work for T-Mobile

Okay, you might be thinking, “What is this, some crazy ad for T-Mobile?”

Nope. No promotions. No affiliate marketing link.

The T-Mobile text simply reminded me of how easy it is to travel. So now I’m reminding you.


Another reminder

I got another reminder earlier today when I was walking to the bus station in Riga, Latvia. With free data roaming I didn’t worry about using the map on my phone. So no need to fold or unfold paper maps. No thumbing through a guide book. All I had to do was follow the blue dot.

Guess what else? The bus I’m on now has free wi-fi on board. Along with on demand movies in the headrest, just like on a airplane. Everything is getting easier.


Don’t work for AirBnB either

AirBnB is another example. A week from now I needed a room for two nights in Helsinki. I found a place with a great location and a lower price than all the typical hotels. I sent the application and in less than an hour the landlord sent a text confirming my stay.

Since my flight home leaves from Helsinki, I clicked on the map of the AirBnB apartment and plugged in the airport. The map displayed the mass transit route to the airport, which takes 47 minutes. If I wanted to walk the 20 km? Google maps tells me it’s 4 hours and 2 minutes. I’ll take the metro.


More reasons why travel is easy

You want more reasons?

No matter where I go, someone will usually speak some amount of English. Maybe not fluent but enough we can communicate. No other language has the almost universal acceptance as English.

Going to a country where you need a visa? More and more countries now provide those online. I recently went to Nepal and India and was able to get online visas which saved lots of time. No need to pack up my passport, ship it off to some embassy and wait for it to come back. Much easier.

Frequent flier miles often making flying very cheap or nearly free. I’ve taken quite a few flights where I’ve saved hundreds of dollars in airfare.

Airfares can be even be ridiculously cheap if you take advantage last minute deals. Here’s a couple of websites you can use to learn about current low fares. The fares don’t last long but if your schedule is flexible you could find yourself on an unexpected adventure.

The Flight Deal 

Amazing Airfare


Some people still avoid travel

I often run into people who won’t travel and have list of reasons. They tell me it’s risky, expensive, and time consuming. All the usual excuses.

I get it. If you have priorities in life other than travel then good for you. You can honestly live a most meaningful life within a few miles of your home. But if you say you want to travel and then tell me a thousand reasons why you can’t? Just stop with the excuses.


Dont’ make excuses about life

What bothers me about the entire “making excuses” concept is that it’s not only about travel. The T-Mobile text I mentioned at the beginning of this post reminded me of all the excuses I’ve heard about life in general.

What I often hear is something like, “I’ve always wanted to (fill in the blank). . . . but I can’t because (list all your reasons).

We need to face reality. Life is easier than ever. Information and opportunity are all around us. We only need to take time to ask questions and look for solutions instead of making excuses. The outcome isn’t guaranteed but the potential is waiting for us.

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