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I’m in the process planning a trip to Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Nepal. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the first things I do in trip planning is to find out whether I need a visa for the country I’m visiting.

So I looked up the those four countries only to realize each one requires a visa. Rats. All I can think is more time, expense and hassle.

Then I talked to some people and started doing a little research and I learned a few things that made me happy. The world of visas is much easier than it used to be.


India has an online eVisa process.

It’s for tourist visas only, is good for 30 days, and is only valid for arrival at nine designated airports. However, you can leave the country from any airport or any other method: land, sea, or whatever.

I visited India a few years ago and it seems like the visa process was a big pain. The online system is definitely an improvement.


Bangladesh has a visa on arrival for citizens of certain countries (including the USA.)

Like the India visa it’s only good for 30 days and you need proof of onward travel. Also, they don’t want you in their country if you’re a destitute vagabond so you need to have $500 in cash or credit cards to prove you can support yourself while visiting.

Guess what else? If you go to a consulate or embassy in the US to get a Bangladesh visa it costs $160. Visa on arrival? Only $51. No need to send a visa off to a consulate or embassy and it’s over $100 cheaper. Sounds good to me.


Myanmar has on online eVisa process.

I guess more and more countries are updating their websites and making life easier. An eVisa for Myanmar is only available for tourists and is valid for up to 90 days.


Nepal? Sure they have some online visa process too.

Once again, a little Google search and I find a much easier way to get a visa to Nepal than the old-fashioned way of sending my passport off somewhere and waiting around. The eVisa is for tourists only so read the requirements but chances are it’ll save you time, money and hassle.


So you’re not going to any of those countries?

I get that. Really these places may not be the first on anyone’s list. But the point of this post is the same no matter where you travel. More and more countries that require visas now have an online eVisa process. So before you send off your passport to an embassy or consulate do a little research.

You might be surprised to find you can get an eVisa or a visa on arrival. Less time, money and hassle? What’s not to like about that.



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