“life-changing magic?”

How many socks do you have? Why do people think so much about their possessions? Minimalists are as bad the designer shoes-shirts-jeans crowd. They both obsess. The designers want a lot of impressive stuff and the minimalists want a little as possible. “Look at me, I only have one spoon!” Good grief. Minimalists know the […]

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Go ahead and go

    Don’t have enough time to travel? Go ahead and go anyway. A short trip is better than none at all. The same advice applies to lots of other parts of life. Whenever you find yourself thinking you don’t have enough money, time, experience, connections or whatever? Go ahead and do what you can […]

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Fly to Myanmar for only $30

  Like to travel? How about traveling for free? Sure, who wouldn’t want to do that. I’m leaving today for a trip to Myanmar and the one-way ticket on United Airlines would have cost over $800. Instead I bought the ticket with 40,000 miles and only had to pay $30 for taxes. I’m not always […]

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More about visas

I’m in the process planning a trip to Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Nepal. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the first things I do in trip planning is to find out whether I need a visa for the country I’m visiting. So I looked up the those four countries only to realize each one requires […]

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Are you tired of quotes?

Are you tired of quotes? It seems like you can’t escape them. They’re all over social media, on daily desktop calendars, and you can find books full of quotes. They come from everywhere. The Bible, Shakespeare, famous people, people you’ve never heard of, or Fight Club. Quotes can be 100% accurate and made by a real […]

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