Think like a surgeon

Habits are a great tool to make improvements in life but the downside is they take lots of effort before they become ingrained. In the initial stages we simply forget. We try a new habit once or twice and then it can fall by the wayside. One easy way to adopt a habit is to change […]

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Make it a habit to improve your habits

I wrote recently about the value of habits. But I didn’t answer the obvious questions about how we get our habits in the first place or how to get rid of habits we don’t like.   What is a habit? A habit is a behavior we engage in without conscious thought. According to the research […]

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I love boredom

I love boredom. I don’t mean that I sit around watching the same informercial more than once. “Here comes the best part! Three easy payments!” Not that kind of boredom. The kind of boredom I love is when I try something that’s difficult, scary, or risky. Then I add systems, routines, and habits to make […]

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Enough with the holiday stress

Every year I hear complaints from people stressed out by holidays, travel, family gatherings, gift giving, New Year’s resolutions, blah blah blah. Sometimes people complain are about having too many social obligations while others worry about having no plans at all. Hmmm. Too many parties and being alone are both problems? Human beings are good […]

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The best habits

  I love habits. Here’s why. We get to pick the habits we want in our lives We assume we have no control over our habits because we do them automatically without thinking. We make this assumption because many of our habits have been around so long we can’t remember how they started. The good […]

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