The best way to accomplish anything

  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the value that comes from keeping track of life in areas important to us, whether it’s health, adventure, family, learning or any other category. The best way to accomplish anything? Find a system you’ll use to keep track and use it consistently. Why don’t people do […]

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Happiness in only five minutes

People talk about happiness, write books about it and devote websites to it. We have movies, songs, quotes, and poetry all addressing the issue of happiness. Universities from Harvard to Berkley even offer classes in happiness. I asked my friends at Goggle about “happiness” and they gave me 319 billion hits in only .28 seconds. Of course, Wikepedia has […]

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Keep track of your life

Want to do more? Earn more? Travel more? Lose weight? Get stronger? Have better relationships? Get more out of life? Well who doesn’t? But most people overlook a simple and effective tool that will help not matter what your goals.   Okay, what is this amazing tool? Just keep track of your life. This one […]

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Inspiration from baseball, travel, and music

I like stories about people who live unique lives that are filled with hope, hardship, success and setbacks. Here’s a few books and movies I’ve come across recently .   Battered Bastards of Baseball, Netflix documentary This documentary is the story of Bing Russell, who started a minor league baseball team in Portland, Oregon during […]

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Hold your breath for a long life

Earlier this year on a trip to Panama, I talked with some other travelers who were taking a free diving course. What I learned was that free diving is just like scuba diving except for one small detail. You don’t dive with an air tank and the only air you have is what’s in your […]

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